The Slapping Studs are very concerned with your privacy and therefore we do not track your activity on this website. In principle, we do not store any cookies at your computer. This means you can browse our website without being tracked, not by us and not by a third party.

Functional cookies

If you decide to login to our website, we will store a 'functional cookie'. According to the dutch 'cookie law', this is allowed and we do not need permission to store this cookie, as it is required for a correct functioning of the website. This cookie will only be stored when you login to our website and the cookie will be removed when you logout.

Additionally, we store two other cookies that allow you to login automatically to our website. We will only store this, if you selected the option 'Automatically login in future' before logging in. If you log out manually, these cookies will be removed as well.

If, at any moment in time, you want to remove all cookies set by the website, you can visit our cookie reset page and all cookies will be removed.

Statistics and logging

The webserver that serves this webpage will store information about every request in a server log. This is very typical behavior: almost every website will do this, whether they tell you or not. Information such as ip address, user agent, date and time and operating system of every request are written to this logfile. The log of a single request looks like this: 24/Jun/2012:17:28:37 +0200 "GET /news HTTP/1.1" 200 "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:13.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/13.0.1"

These logfiles are used to generate aggregated statistics about the usage of the website. As all website owners, we are very curious to know whether we managed to increase traffic to our website. Processing these logfiles is done automatically every night by AWStats. There is no way to opt-out from this, as these logfiles are collected by our hosting provider.