Brand new Studs site!
Thursday 6 September 2001 00:00 by Elmer Lastdrager

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Welcome at the brand new Studs-site!

This totally new designed page will provide you with the latest news about the students ice hockey team The Slapping Studs from Enschede, The Netherlands. The team has been founded in 1982 and therefore we have the oldest team in the National Students Hockey League (NSHL).

Besides us there are also student teams from Groningen, Utrecht (2), Leiden, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Nijmegen. Have a look at the links for further details about these teams. The season starts at the end of September and continues until the end of March. During this half year we have 2 practices a week and we play a home and an away game against each of the other teams (14 games in total).

Looking back at last season we can say we had a pretty successful one. In the final standings of the competition we finished in third place and at the NSK (National Student Championships) we reached the finals for the fourth time in a row. Unfortunately we couldn't beat Amsterdam, but they can be sure we will next year!

Actually the biggest success for the Studs is that we expanded the group of players that are really willing to play ice hockey. We now have 25 members and most of these players visit over 80% of the practices. Therefore we competed with three teams in our own Night Tournament and we also had two complete teams at the NSK. Our second team showed that they improved a lot in one year and for next year some of these players for sure will play for the first team. Hopefully we can continue this positive development in next years season and welcome a lot of new ice hockey players in Enschede.

If you are interested in playing ice hockey and you are attending a study at the University Twente (UT) or the Hogeschool Enschede don't hesitate to contact one of the board members displayed under mail.