Bottle flips, fog, and a strong third period
Monday 5 October 2020 15:56 by Ronald Woortmeijer

It was the morning of the 3rd of October, there was a small gentle breese roaming through the campus trees.

The studs were gathering for the upcoming game. People were either still asleep, or still eating breakfast. Among the eaters, Ties, the fastest omelet maker in the east. Ron offered him a beer, but he prefered his 1.5 liter bottle of milk. Ron, feeling the urge to furfill his duty,  saw his opportunity: "Can I bottle flip your milk bottle?" It wasn't a question. The plastic bottle filled with the white substance flew towards the sun while the Studs watched with tension. As someone famous once said: "Whatever goes up must go down" and boy did it came down well. The landing was supported with the "Ooohh" of the players.

But then disaster struck. Koen dared Ron to bottle flip it upside down. Ron, wanting to present his manly sausage on the table, accepted the challenge stating: "If I land this flip, we're gonna win." Without hesitation, the bottle flew again.

As you probably already guessed, the bottle came down on the wrong side. Ron desperately tried to fix his mistake by flipping the bottle again, and again. Finally, the third time flip landed correctly and so the prediction was made. We may lose the game, but we will win the third period.

We arrived at the ice rink without any problem, the gearing up wasn’t that special either. Well, David tried to wear 2 bodyprotectors at once, in which he succeeded. In the mean time, Matthias and Ron experimented by putting F50 on their helmets with stick tape. What it means is still unknown, but it “should provide speed during the game.” I can already tell you, it didn’t work.

The first period ended with a draw: 3-3. With goals from Matthias, David and Ties. Great goals, great jobs. Ron forgot that you can change with a player when you’re tired, but after this remark he kind of fixed that. Meanwhile, some fog started to form on the rink, but we didn’t really care because we could still see the puck, kind of.

The second period ended with 7-3 in favor of the opponents. Conclusion: we f*cked up, but for now we’re gonna blame it on the fog, which by the why was getting so dense that you couldn’t see the goalie from the other side of the ice rink. Also, we saw 3 people getting after a puck in a corner and only one coming out. It was “gEtTiNg UnSaFe,” A.K.A. the ref probably forgot that we were playing ice hockey. As a result, the game got cancelled. Too bad, sad faces everywhere. But then a bright light came up through the fog and angles started to sing. It was Adam. He led the Studs on their way to happiness by saying these 3 simple and holy words: “Time for beer.”

And so, the soccer thirth period started, A.K.A. drinking beer. We used the ice to play a few games, challenging each other for anytimers, and recording a video for the social media which turned out great. Because we weren’t allowed to use the showers Ruben invented the ‘corona shower,’ which basicly means ‘putting your head in a sink.’

On our way back we went through the McDrive, because obviously you don’t want to break such a beautiful tradition. When the moment of ordering came, Ron had to order a list as big as the list of Big smoke from GTA. Ties paid, but we all know that uncle DUO did that. When he had to type in the code, the cassier had to yeet her pin device in the car on a stick in which Junior (Koen) asked “How long is your stick?” We drove further to our cosy home in the backcorner of the Netherlands. When we were close, Ron had to drive through a red light because he felt like it. He hoped nobody noticed. Everybody noticed.

That kids, is the story of how Team 2 won the third period and thus, fulfilling Ron’s prediction. Goodnight.