Adventure in the North!
Tuesday 28 January 2020 16:05 by Daan Westerhof

It all started on a sunny afternoon on the Enschede campus. As always, everybody was on time without any problems. As we drove north with the second team, the temperature dropped, the sun left, and it all became foggy. When we finally arrived in the far city of the north: `Ljouwerdt`, we saw the `elfsteden`. Sadly this time it didn`t giet aon. It was only the name of the ice rink. Then we got on the ice with our 11 person strong team. we were really lucky to have our legendary goalie Stef back in net, in addition to two new talents, Daan and Aike, who fought their way into the team. With this team we were ready to beat the Capitals. This too didn't `giet oan`, because we lost 28-1. This didn't ruin the fun though, with Maartje even scoring her first goal!

After the game we got some food at McDonald's on our way to Groningen to support the first team. When we arrived they were 2-0 down at the end of the first period, but after seeing the support from their fellow studs they stepped up their game! The second period ended with 3-1, but then the third period started.... Team 1 became a machine and showed the bulldogs all places of the rink! With 5 minutes left on the clock they scored the 4-5 in favor of the Studs! After this goal some friction arose between the two teams and some penalties were handed out, but the Studs managed to keep the goal clean until the final buzzer. After the big win celebration and some sweaty hugs we started with our long drive back to Enschede where our thrilling adventure ended.