The unbearable journey Team 1 against Ice Hawks
Thursday 14 December 2017 18:36 by Vito Böke

Saterday 10 December 2017

This day started off like every other. Early in the morning getting breakfast. Thinking about what lies ahead in the day. It would be a nice day because we have a ice hockey game. We needed to play an away game against Ice Hawks. Last years champion against us :"last years second place".

What I didn't know was what lies ahead. A winter storm was comming to the netherlands. The KNMI gave out a Code red warning. What means don't go on the road if you don't have to.

But we considered that we wanted and needed to go. This only meant we where driving for 3 hours. To come by the ice rink, really on time! This because the Game was already rescheduled to 9 o'clock instead of 19:30.

When the game started we already noticed vast that it would be a big loss. Sylvio was goaling like crazy, But with the amount of shot it was impossible to hold them all. Ice hawks was really to strong with all their foreign players. The game finished in a loss of 37-2.