3rd Game Capitals 5 versus Studs 2
Thursday 2 November 2017 13:40 by Vito Böke

So for the third game of Team 2 in this Season, they went to Leeuwarden. After the last home game against Groningen, it was suprising how team 2 played. They tried there best against Heerenveen and lost with 'only' 12-2. After the first period, the score was 3-0 for Heerenveen, but there were some opportunities to score for the Studs. After the second period, it was 6-1 with a last second goal from Matthias and an assist of Giel. After the third period, the scoreboard showed 12-2, but including a goal from Estelle.

All in all, it was a fun game for team 2. Rookie Aafke played her first game for the team, and directly made her first penalty (interference, 2 min). Team 2 is now looking forward to the upcoming home game on Saturday against Hoorn, last year this was only 6-3 for Hoorn. So head on down to the rink and support the Studs this weekend

The game starts at 20:15. Be sure to be there!