The second game of the season: Studs team 2 vs GIJS Black Spirit
Wednesday 18 October 2017 12:49 by Vito Böke

The second game of the 2017-2018 season of Team 2 was at our home rink against GIJS Black Spirit Groningen.While we had some difficulties recruiting players for the game we still were able to field 2 lines and a goalie. Our captain, Laura Kester #66 supported us morally and emotionally as coach despite her injuries. Her coaching and support had a huge positive impact on the teams spirit. Last year we managed to lose with a respectable 10 to 3 score; this year we were not so lucky.

The Black Spirits did everything in their power to blacken our spirits by having a solid and confident team which lead to a quite impressive 1 to 31 score.


The first period ended in an 1 to 12 score. In the 8th minute Ruben Hogt #.. scored the one and only goal for The Studs this game. After the second period The Studs were behind with a 1 to 22 score. Our game play was very chaotic, making it easier for the Black Spirits to score. In the end, Team 2 of The Slapping Studs was able to make the best of the third period, albeit too late to gain the upper hand. The game ended in a dramatic 1 to 31 score. Despite the heavy losses on the scoreboard, our goalie Stef Falkenburg #51 was on top of his game and did an awesome job at holding the line and keeping the net clean the best he could.

Even though we lost, we had fun game and continued our after-game-ritual of drinking beer and headed out to the city centre. Our spirits have not been blackened!