Season kick off: team 2 against The IJCU Dragons
Tuesday 17 October 2017 22:01 by Vito Böke

The first game of the 2017-2018 season of Team 2 was at the home rink of The IJCU Dragons in Utrecht. After a long period of summer without ice hockey Team 2 was very eager and excited to play again. For some members this would be their first game ever! Last year Team 2 - IJCU Dragons ended in a 3 - 19 score. This year, with our old team captain Peter van Arkel by our side as coach and bench gate opener, we were determined to do better.

Unfortunately the Dragons clearly outmatched us. The first period ended in 4 - 0. After a weak second period we were behind with 14 to 0. If it wasn’t for Stef Falkenburg #51, who did an amazing job as our goalie, the score would have been much worse.

After the 15-minute break we started the 3rd period with new energy and motivation and played a strong 3rd period in which Joey Niemeijer #28 scored our first goal of the season after which Vincent Schilling #93 scored our second goal just 5 minutes later! The 3rd period ended in a tie.

Even though we lost the game with 16 - 2, we had fun and improved in comparison to last year. When the game ended our after-game-ritual of drinking beer and eating at Mc Donalds started. Later, we headed back to Enschede. Not sad because we lost, but satisfied because we played a pretty good first game.