Hello new students!
Monday 31 August 2015 20:23 by Stef Falkenburg

The introduction days of both the Kick-In and the HOI have passed and you may or may not have had your first lectures today. You've been told to study hard and to pass your tests, but what will you do in your spare time? Have thought about joining a sports organization? What about hockey? No not field hockey, but hockey on the ice!
What can we offer you?
  • A friendly association!
  • Training twice a week!
  • Matches!
  • A small but tight community

I'm interested, but I can't skate!
Don't worry! A lot of the current members started out just like you and couldn't skate! When the season starts and new members join our association, we start out with skating techniques and put in extra effort to make sure you can skate properly. If you're afraid of falling, you have a stick for extra support and with all the hockey gear on, it won't hurt one bit!
I've played hockey before, is there anything beside training?
Short story, yes there is! We have a team that competes in the Dutch Student division, a night tournament and a student tournament!
The rink will open mid september and we will have 2 intro trainings for people who are interested. There are no further obligations, other than enjoying the training we set out for you! The gear and skates will be provided.
Still interested? Send us an e-mail.