Monday 31 August 2015 20:22 by Stef Falkenburg

It's almost time to step on the ice once more!

This is a good thing for us, because we can finally do what we enjoy and that is to play hockey!

If you are interested in an introtraining, we will be hosting two of them.

Monday the 14th of September
20.30 - 21.30
Wednesday the 16th of September
20.45 - 21.45
Please mail us with the date of your preference, because we have a limited amount of gear available for the training. If you feel you cannot attend during the open training, let us know! Attending the training does not mean you have to join the club.
If you have selected a preferred date and we have the same date confirmed, please be at the rink between 19.30-19.45 and be sure to take along some clothing to wear underneath the gear (it can get cold without them, so a long sleeve shirt and some sweatpants will suffice).
We hope to see you on the ice!