Slapping Studs with difficulty along Radboud Saints
Sunday 19 October 2014 13:22 by Stijn Wijma

Slapping Studs 1 played a great match yesterday against the winners of the NSK. They won with 8-10.  In the first period, Studs 1 had a good start. After 7 minutes the first line had the first goal written to their name by our new rookie Eric de Montarnal aka The grueling Canadian. After a good combination with Sebastian and Marcel the puck was already in the red enclosed net. This made the team nervous and were more motivated to shoot more pucks in the goal.

2 goals later by our attacker Jurjen, shot Stijn a wrecking one from the blue line in the upper right corner. The goalie didn’t knew what happened. Makes 0-4 for the Enschede students. 

When disaster hit, the Saints smelled blood and knew in one way or another, to put two pucks behind Luitze. And with a 2-4 standing we went into the first break. 

Sebastian Bauer thought after 11 minutes in the 2nd half it was time to go and score. Together with our new addition, Eric, the puck was finally in the appropriate hole of the goalie. 3-5. 

In the rest of the 2nd half there were no exciting goals. And with a lead of two goals we went to the locker room where our captain and Bob did their speech. 

After a pep talk in the locker room we went back fresh the 3rd half. Bjorn Borger knew what he had to do and put the puck after an assist from Stijn, in a miraculous way into the goal. 

Meanwhile, our 3rd, but best line, held the breakthrough completely closed. Victor, Annelies and Bram did a good job out there. 

Stijn had promised to Anja, the traveling fan (and girlfriend from our german guy), to shoot one in the goal in a similar way as the first and therefore miraculously did. To make the list complete Eric also scored one more goal on 11 minutes before the end and the Saints were in disbelief.

Closing score: 8-10 for the Slapping Studs. Pole position in the competition. 

Next game: sunday 2 november 2014 18:15 in Enschede. BE THERE………