Introduction trainings 2013-2014
Wednesday 18 September 2013 21:04 by Elmer Lastdrager

After weeks of partying, relaxing and making new friends, the new college year has started. Without the introduction programme you have to fill your spare time yourself. The Slapping Studs is trying to help you with that. Apply for the introduction training and try the fastest team sport on earth! Even if you decide that icehockey is not your sport, having participated in an icehockey training is an experience to always remember!face-off

Are you interested in joining the Studs in playing icehockey, but you feel you need a bit more information? During the regular season (after the introduction training), there are practices every week on mondays and wednesdays at the IJsbaan Twente.

Playing hockey is known as an expensive sport. However, with sponsoring from the university and other sponsors, we manage to keep down the contribution to 80 euro a year. In comparisation, recreational teams often ask 300 euro a year. Note that, for all university teams, it is mandatory to possess an Xtracard before you are allowed to play sports at the university or Saxion. Another part that makes hockey expensive is the hockey gear. Every year, a number of members leave and sell there equipment. Which means that you can buy a second-hand equipment, which are not so expensive. If you want everything new, we can buy an equipment for you (about 300 euro) and you can have a payment deal to spread the costs throughout the year.

Do you feel like playing the fastest sport on earth? We would love to introduce you to the world of icehockey. You can apply for a free introduction training by contacting the board. We will provide you with skates, a gear and a stick so that you can experience the beauty of icehockey. The introduction trainings will be held at the moments listed below. Please make sure that you are at the icerink at least 45 minutes before the start of the training, so that you have sufficient time to gear up!

Monday September 30, 20:15-21:00
Monday September 30, 21:45-22:30

Location: IJsbaan Twente, Colosseum 90, Enschede (near the FC Twente stadium).

If you know a roommate or friend of yours that wants to participate as well, feel free to ask them and let them contact us so that we can arrange a gear. Being a university team, we require our members to be students of the University of Twente or Saxion Hogeschool.

You can browse around this website to find more information about our club, the trainings or our team.