A warm welcome to all new students
Wednesday 21 August 2013 09:23 by Elmer Lastdrager

The introduction of the University of Twente has started and soon Saxion's HOI-week will start as well. Time to get to know fellow students, to party a lot and celebrate a new chapter in your life. And while you are settling in, you may want to find a sport that you like. If you interested in playing ice hockey, you are at the right place. We are the student ice hockey club of Enschede. We have ice hockey practices two times a week at Monday and Mednesday (see for more information Training). We have two competition teams, which play in the Dutch student competition and the recreationists competition, and rookie team for which we try to organize rookie matches for. Every year we get quite a number rookies, some of which know how to skate, and some are clueless. No problem for us, we provide trainings that start as the basics of ice hockey, such as ice skating. After that, we teach you all there is to know about playing ice hockey. Are you new in Enschede but already more advanced in ice hockey, then you will train with one of the competition teams from the beginning.

Although ice hockey is the central theme of our club, as a student sport association we do not only play ice hockey. About once a month we have a beer drinking activity for which we which we choose a nice place (often in de city centre of Enschede) to drink some beers or sodas if you want. It is often possible to have a drink at the canteen after practice with your teammates. At the end of the season (which runs until march) there are two tournaments, namely the NSK (Dutch student championships) and the night tournament, which is organized by our own club. Furthermore we go sailing for a weekend every year and we have an end-of-the-year-bbq at the end of the school year.
Can't wait to try it out? The ice rink will open in October, so you have a few more weeks and focus on other things. The first two practices in October will be introduction practices in which you can try the sport at no cost and find out whether you like it. Taking part in an introduction practice is totally free of obligations. The dates and times of the introduction practices will be published on this website as soon as they are known. You can also email the board to get an information mail/reminder when more information is available or you can give us your email address when you see us at one of the information markets during the introduction.
If you want more information or have a question you can find us on wednesday 21-8 and wednesday 28-8 at the information markets of the kick-in/HOI or you can contact us.
Enjoy your introduction time and we hope to see you at the beginning of October at one of our introduction practices!