Odyssey: Sailing Studs trip report
Monday 17 June 2013 20:32 by Elmer Lastdrager

Written by Panagiotis Kyrou.

Day 1

They say each great adventure needs a great start. Our introduction to the difficulties of this trip started even before we were aware of it . On our way to discover the world as seaman we already faced our first superficial encounter with Sirens. Part by the sweet sorry of booze, drunk and happy, we weren’t prepared for the toll to pay. Half the crew was suffering by the effects of the Sirens song. Headache, loss of memory and part of their insides. So sailors be aware of the Sirens of the land. They come in many forms, tests and prices. But they take a great toll the next day.

Day 2

Starting to realize the price we had to pay, for the alluring company of the Sirens (looking back at it, not so worthy but who am I to judge). We started our trip to the unknown waters. It was too late when we saw Poseidon’s wrath coming. Some of us where still unaware still suffering of the song of the Sirens. The waves where whipping the boat like a leave in the wind. But brave we stood (ok not standing maybe laying to the deck, but still). Passed the ravaging waters with loss of eight insides of crew members that where attached to the sides of the boat, looking while they were loosing their internal food, as an offer to angry Poseidon. (There hints for some slave trade in the cellars but needs further investigation). Finally to land!!! Counting casualties and supplies, we reached the destination with only few losses. Costly wasted food. The need of power recovery was intense, our body’s where weak and our souls still chaired by the Sirens songs. We stood strong! (Again standing is some over exaggerating!) I would say dropped dead in the first piece of land we found. Recovered our strength and regrouped, the adventure continues with the first encounter of the locals. A new species! Familiar only to us only by tales like "Jerssey Shore". Sirens took the form of under aged mean bitches, but we had fun we past the Poseidon’s ethics test. Only one cheated but we still have to see the toll he will pay. He has a girlfriend!

Day 3

Poseidon was good with us. The water was sweet and nice, feels good going home. We need a shower! Still eager to see the price we pay for our ignorance? Maybe he cleaned the toilet maybe he didn’t but that’s another Odyssey. Ahhrrr!!!