The derby of the east: Studs 2 versus Lions 2
Sunday 25 November 2012 13:58 by Sofia Iliycheva

Sunday the 18th of november, Studs 2 played their sixth game of the season, this time against the Lions 2. The Lions are the leading team in the ARHL at this moment. The coach for this game had to be the captain Ivar Dorst, since Studs 1 had to play in Leiden, and both Tony and Niels de Boer were there. The tactic was simple, as always: to watch out for the good players, be careful with the change up of the lines and to give everything to win the game! But playing against the number 1 is never easy!
In the first period the first goal was scored by Frank Glezenburg (Lions 2) already in the 35thsecond. It seemed like they didn’t have any problems getting to the goal and scoring! A couple of seconds after the penalty for tripping of Ivar Dorst the result was 3-0 for the Lions and by the end of the period it was 5-0.
There were a lot of problems to be discussed during the break. The defense were missing a lot of players in front of the net, forwards didn’t interfere with the defense of the other team in our zone and a lot more…
During the second period of the game, nothing really changed and the Lions scored another 5 goals without any problem. The Studs 2 were finally awake in the third period, when Ivar Dorst with the assistance of Bas Ooms scored the first goal for the team. But this wasn’t enough of course. Even after a penalty for the Lions 2, they were still able to play better and keep on scoring until they reached 14-1 as a final result.

Till the end of the year the Studs 2 have 3 games left but even if they win it still won’t be enough to be among the first 5 for the next round.