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The Slapping Studs

Welcome to the website of the oldest student ice hockey team of the Netherlands. Ever since 1982 we have been affiliated with the University of Twente, where the Studs were founded by a group of students looking for some action.

Our home rink is the IJsbaan Twente in Enschede. Currently, we participate in two different leagues: the Student League and the 5th division. We have over 50 enthusiastic players: anything from rookies to experienced players, both men and women, and several international students. You can browse around this website if you want to know more about the Slapping Studs or contact us if you want to join us in playing the coolest game on earth!

Introduction training!
9 September 2021 13:18 by Ronald Woortmeijer

Hey there!

Would you like to try out icehockey? This is your chance!!
Go out of your comfort zone, bodycheck your friends, or fall on hard ice without any pain!
It's all possible on the evening of the 4th and the 11th of October.
The only thing you have to do is, send a mail to and you're done!
Be quick! For now we only have 2 days available, but if you send a lovely mail to the board we may make an exception ;)

Follow us on instagram for updates: @slappingstuds

We hope to see you soon!!

Bottle flips, fog, and a strong third period
5 October 2020 15:56 by Ronald Woortmeijer

It was the morning of the 3rd of October, there was a small gentle breese roaming through the campus trees.

The studs were gathering for the upcoming game. People were either still asleep, or still eating breakfast. Among the eaters, Ties, the fastest omelet maker in the east. Ron offered him a beer, but he prefered his 1.5 liter bottle of milk. Ron, feeling the urge to furfill his duty,  saw his opportunity: "Can I bottle flip your milk bottle?" It wasn't a question. The plastic bottle filled with the white substance flew towards the sun while the Studs watched with tension. As someone famous once said: "Whatever goes up must go down" and boy did it came down well. The landing was supported with the "Ooohh" of the players.

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