• 10 - 11 JUNE
  • Opening: 10 June 2017, 14:00 o'clock at the University of Twente Campus
  • Where: Enschede
  • Bring sports clothes and a car/bike to get around in Enschede
  • For questions, email to lustrum (apenstaartje) slappingstuds.nl


Elmer Lastdrager
Saskia Nies
Max Klemm
Matthias Kruit
Joey Niemeijer
Panagiotis Kyrou
Tom Cornelissen
Bas Ooms
Estelle Bongers
Victor Hoeksema
Mark Grouwe
Petra Bode
Lex van Rossum
Heleen Broeze
Sylvio van Ditzhuijzen
Casper Lastdrager
Frank Lammers
Anja van Gestel
Niek van Alst
Jesse Lohman
Coen Ariens
Adam Kemeny
Jasper Janssen
Marcel de Vries
Rob Binnekamp
Hans Ardon
Annelies Tielenburg
Vincent Schilling
Marco Maatman
Thorstein Selmer
Laura kester
Giovanni Meciani
Bibian Bruin
Sebastian Bauer
Ivar Dorst
Colin van den Mosselaar
Stef Falkenburg
Stijn Wijma
Stijn Wijma
Ville Koski

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10 - 11 June

7th Lustrum

Are you ready to experience the 7th lustrum on June 10 and 11? We will have two days filled with awesome activities and of course enough time to chill. The activities will start on Saturday around 14:00 on the Campus of the University. They will last until Sunday evening. Dinner is included for both days. Please make sure you have some form of transport, such as a bike, since not everything will be in the direct vicinity of the university. You should also bring some clothes for sporting in. Please note that there are no sleeping arrangements made by us so make sure that you have a place to stay around Enschede. The costs for this amazing weekend will be € 25,-. If you are a member, the money will be withdrawn from your account. Former members need to transfer the money before 02-05-2017 to the account of the S.Y.H.V The Slapping Studs: IBAN: NL87RABO0120539128. Please mention "Full name + Lustrum 2017". Are you enthusiastic and do you want to join this amazing lustrum? Register via this website right now!

SIGN UP before 2-May-2017!

For questions you can e-mail to lustrum (apenstaartje) slappingstuds.nl

Yes I will be there!

Unfortunately the deadine for signing up has passed.