The Studs have always been a competitive team and have played a leading role in forming the dutch student student competition (see History 1982-1987, in dutch).

The student competition

The Dutch student competition, originally founded as the National Student Hockey League (NSHL), consists of student team from all over the Netherlands. Teams play a double competition: one home game and one away game against each other team. Although this is not always the case, all players should be affiliated with one of the Dutch universities or an university of applied sciences.

The fifth division

In the 2010/2011 season, we had a sufficient number of players to put a second team in the competition. Since we did not want to compete with ourselves (less fun), we decided to sign up a second team for the competition in the Adult Recreational Hockey League (ARHL). As the level in this competition is considered to be lower than the student competition, this offered us the option to let new players participate in a competitive manner, even before playing in the student league. Since then, the ARHL has been renamed to the Fifth division.


Once every year, the Dutch student championship (Dutch: Nationaal studentenkampioenschap or NSK) is played. This epic event is something all students are looking forward to. The NSK is a two-day event, organised by a different team each year, where all student teams compete for the most prestigious award: the massive trophy. After a first day of playing many games, all teams go to the city center of the hosting city and party till the early morning. Traditionally, the alarm goes off at 8am the next morning, which generally means that the games on the second day are a battlefield between half-drunk, half-hungover players. There is not a proper way to describe this awesome event, so you should better join and try it for yourself.